Finance your stay abroad

Finance your stay abroad

Financial funding while on exchange


Norwegian students can apply to the Norwegian State Loan Fund (Lånekassen) for funding of studies abroad as part of their NHH degree.

More information on Lånekassen


Students going on exchange to Europe, (except Switzerland and the United Kingdom), will receive an Erasmus+ student mobility grant via NHH.

Students going to Switzerland can receive some funding from their host school. Please contact your Swiss host school for more information.

CEMS MIN students may receive an Erasmus+ grant for their CEMS internship in Europe (Switzerland and the United Kingdom not included). 

More information on the Erasmus+ student mobility grant


Students going on exchange to Nordic or Baltic countries can apply for a Nordplus grant instead of an Erasmus+ student mobilty grant. The Nordplus grant is smaller than the Erasmus+ grant, but can in some cases give the benefit of guaranteed housing at the host school (for instance Gothenburg University in Sweden).

More information on the Nordplus programme

A simple way to save some money is by avoiding paying double rent while you are abroad. NHH is a partner of, the international student-to-student housing platform. Incoming exchange students to Bergen can find and book a student room on The rooms on this platform are offered by our students that study abroad for a semester or two. The platform is free to use as a student. However, when you make a concrete booking an administrative fee will be charged as a part of Housing Anywhere’s secure booking system.

Before offering your room make sure to have the permission of your landlord. You can also book your room using the Secure Booking Service before arriving to your exchange destination.

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