Specialised minor

Specialised minor

Specialised minor on exchange is available for the first time during the 2017 fall semester.

Master students who are going on exchange during the 2017 fall semester will have the option to complete a specialised minor in a pre-defined academic area at selected exchange schools. The option is only offered for the fall semester and only for the selected schools listed.

Master students admitted to one of the English-taught master programmes at NHH will usually complete courses on exchange that will be transferred back to their NHH degree as elective courses (30 ECTS total). For students choosing to complete a specialised minor concentration, 22.5 ECTS will be transferred as a "specialised minor taken on exchange" in the pre-defined academic area. The remaining 7.5 ECTS can be taken as an elective course.

Information about the specific courses for the specialised minors will be posted later. There will be a list of pre-approved courses for each minor and you will choose courses equivalent to approximately 22.5 ECTS from this list.

Schools with specialised minors

Business Information Management RSM, Erasmus University, Nederland
Economics (not compatible with the ECN major at NHH) Università Luigi Bocconi, Italia
  Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Østerrike
Finance (not compatible with the MIF major at NHH) Università Luigi Bocconi, Italia
Information Management Tilburg University, Nederland
Information Systems Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Østerrike
  Universität Mannheim
Management of Innovation RSM, Erasmus University, Nederland
Marketing (not compatible with the MBM major at NHH) Università Luigi Bocconi, Italia
Operations Management Universität Mannheim
Operations and Supply Chain Management Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Østerrike
Strategic Entrepreneurship RSM, Erasmus University, Nederland

Students who want to complete a specialised minor on exchange should apply for regular exchange. It is not necessary to state that that you want to complete a specialised minor in your exchange application. When you will apply for pre-approval of courses on exchange before your exchange semester, you should let us know that you want to take one of the specialised minors. Students who go on exchange to the schools where NHH offers a specialised minor can choose to either take a specialised minor or 30 ECTS of electives.

NHH cannot guarantee that all the courses that are pre-approved as part of a specialised minor will be offered during your exchange semester.