Changes have been made to the regulations for examinations and the supplementary regulations. The changes have consequences for school examinations.

  • You have to meet up 30 minutes before the examination starts.
  • You may bring the following to your desk: food, drinks, permitted materials and identification (The Student ID app may not be used).
  • Find an available seat in the designated area (the zone will be listed in Studentweb, if applicable).
  • An invigilator will check your ID and provide you with your candidate number after the examination has started.
  • Before the examination has started, you may use the restroom without being accompanied by an invigilator. If you need to review your notes, books or your mobile, you must do so outside the examination room.
  • The regulations will be read aloud 10 minutes before the examination. At that time, all items you need for your examination must be at your desk, and you must be seated.
  • When the examination has started, you may not leave the room the first hour. If you need access to a restroom within the first hour due to medical reasons, you may apply for special arrangement by contacting Section for Exams prior to the examination. Rules for special arrangements can be found on our pages.

We wish you the best of luck!

Read the complete regulations for examinations at NHH (full-time programmes) on our pages.

Read the supplementary regulations for electronic school examinations on our pages.