Explanation of grade

Explanation of grade

You can ask for an explanation of your grade within seven days - one week- after you have received your grade.


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Ask for explanation

Log into WISEflow to request an explanation for group examinations.

If the grade for some reason is delayed, the deadline for asking for an explanation is seven days, one week after the grade was published.

You can ask for an explanation for all written work resulting in a grade. For an explanation of a grade resulting from an oral examination, you must ask the examiners directly and immediately after the grade has been announced.

The internal examiner gives you the explanation of your grade. The examiner can choose whether to give you a written (to your NHH e-mail address), or oral explanation, or whether they want to convey an explanation by a lecture or in some other forum.

If you want to ask for an explanation of a group submission, only one group member needs to ask for an explanation. This person must then convey the explanation to the other group members.

The examiner should normally provide their explanation within two weeks of your having asked for it. You can send reminders for delayed explanations via the link in the receipt you receive by email, and if you still do not receive the explanation you can contact eksamenskontor@nhh.no 

Remember to use your candidate number to ask for the explanation - the number is available in Studentweb.

If you ask for an explanation of the grade for your master's thesis, you must contact your supervisor directly.

An explanation of grade should contain an individual and general feedback. The general feedback can be given in the form of a guide for examiners, which is made available on itslearning after the grading deadline if it exists. The individual feedback shall contain information that relates to your answer paper or grade.

The grade is given based on the following criteria (from the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions' website):












You can also read about explanations of grades in section 5-3 of the University and University Colleges Act and in the Regulations for examinations at NHH (full-time programmes).