Examination attempts

Examination attempts

You have several attempts for each examination. You can sign up for examinations as long as you have a right to study.

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An examination attempt is used when an examination answer paper is submitted. An attempt is also used if you do not turn up for the examination, if you have not withdrawn by the deadline for withdrawing and have no legitimate reasons for your absence.

Signing up deadline:

  • 1 September in the autumn semester
  • 1 February in the spring semester

You are responsible for being signed up for the correct examinations before the deadline for signing up has passed, and also for withdrawing from the examinations you do NOT plan to attend before the deadline for withdrawing.

The best grade you have achieved will be given as the result on your diploma or transcript, including in cases where you have received a lower grade after re-sitting. If you receive the same grade on your second attempt, the first result will be shown.

If you are re-taking a course, you must read the course description to see whether any chances have been made to to the course. You will be tested in accordance with the most recent curriculum taught, and changes may be made to the content, curriculum and form of assessment, and course requirements. The course description will give information regarding what semester the course is taught. 

 Bachelor: If you are a bachelor's student, you have two attempts for each examination.

Written school examinations at the bachelor's level are offered every semester, and oral and take-home examinations are only offered in the same semester the course is taught.

Master: Master's students have three attempts for each examination. Assessments are only offered the semester the course is taught.

Students in the master's programme in accounting and auditing who have received a diploma but who wish to re-take assessments to satisfy the Financial Supervisory Authority's requirements, must apply to sit the examination as an external candidate (refer to own pages). Once your result has improved, you can order a new transcript.

Extra examination attempts

If you have used all your examination attempts but have not passed a compulsory course, you may apply for an extra examination attempt. You will only be granted this if you do not have a valid result. If you have passed the course (with a grade of E or better), you will not be granted an extra examination attempt. This is regulated by our rules and regulations.

You may read more about examination attempts in Regulations for examinations at NHH (full-time programmes), Section 14 Examination attempts. Repeat examination.