Documentation requirements

Documentation requirements

All documents must be stamped and sign, and we will not approve applications if something is missing.

If you are told to submit documentation along with an application, there are requirements related to what is considered "documentation".

If you do not submit the original document, NHH may require to see the original version of the document before any application is granted.


The documentation provided must be dated and signed close to the time that the application is handed in, unless otherwise specified. The exception is reports regarding dyslexia or dyscalculia. If the document provided does not specify the duration of the condition, the documentation will only be valid for one semester. Specification of duration is particularly important when the condition is long-term or chronic. 

Doctors, speech therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists etc. may issue valid documentation.

Chronic conditions

We grant special examination arrangements for entire programmes if the documentation shows that your condition is chronic. Dyslexia or dyscalculia must be documented ny a report from a speech therapist. Year-round allergies may give special examination arrangements for the entire duration of your study. A doctor or allergist must specify that the allergy is sufficiently serious and that you suffer a significant disadvantage in the examination situsation that must be compensated through extra examination time.

Pollen allergy may cause a need for special examination arrangements in the spring semester. We approve this within the deadline, but also as an acute application. In these cases, the medical certificate must contain information regarding the allergy, and also if the medication makes you tired and impairs your abiliy to perform. Allergy will mainly give compensation in the form of extended examination time.