Coursework Requirements

Coursework Requirements

Coursework requirements are compulsory activities associated with a course: these must be completed and approved in order for you to be permitted to sit the exam.


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You can only complete coursework requirements in the semester in which the course is taught.

You do not need to pass coursework requirements in a course more than once. There may be exemptions from this rule if course contents have changed, or if the course description specifies something else. In some cases, coursework requirements may also be part of the final grade, or can impact the final grade. This will and shall be stipulated in the course description.

You cannot be on sick leave from a coursework requirement. If the coursework requirement has not been approved, you will lose your right to sit the exam and you must retake the coursework requirement the next time the course is taught.

You will receive an email from us if you have not passed the coursework requirements. You have the right to appeal this decision, and we must receive this appeal in writing.

The criteria for coursework requirements are enabled by section 3.1.3 of the Regulations for examinations at NHH (full-times programmes). Note that these are currently called "course approval".