Structure of the programme

The International Executive MBA in Finance and Control program is designed for individuals with significant professional work experience.

  • Goals for the programme

    Goals for the programme

    The International Executive MBA in Finance and Control program is tailored towards finance professionals gifted with the talent and drive to become CFO. It integrates general management capabilities with the specific requirements of the business partner role, reporting role and the fiduciary role of senior finance professionals.

    The program hosts an internationally diverse group of students, all coming from Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and providing an inspiring community with the potential for a ‘deep dive’ in several areas relevant for future CFO’s in MNCs. In addition to the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in class, this group of students also provides a network for life.

    The program is delivered by a partnership of three leading institutions: Aalto University Executive Education, NHH Norwegian School of Economics, and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam School of Business Economics. All three institutions hold an impressive track record of highly evaluated and accredited executive programs. The Executive MBA programs of Helsinki-based Aalto University and Bergen-based NHH Norwegian School of Economics are amongst the highly evaluated programs, while the Executive Master of Finance and Control program of the Vrije University Amsterdam is the leading program for professionals aspiring a CFO position. Joining forces with other internationally renowned faculties, students have the opportunity to acquire and apply up-to-date knowledge in a MNC-setting enhancing their career towards an international CFO position.

    The intensive program is offered in three locations (Amsterdam, Bergen and Helsinki). All cities have well-established (airline) connections to the rest of the world and are known for their rich cultural heritage as well as their international orientation.

    The program is established to boost a career in finance. While many finance functions have become rather specialized, this program provides the opportunity to focus on both knowledge and skills to prepare for a role of a CFO in one of the operating companies of an MNC

  • Learning outcomes

    Learning outcomes

    The program is designed to thoroughly prepare already highly educated and experienced professionals for a future CFO role. Upon completion of the program participants will be able to

    • Leverage from strategy in the context of financial leadership
    • Facilitate the transition from information provider to strategic business partner
    • Apply new methodologies, techniques and skills in finance, control, strategy and leadership
    • Evaluate and select current trends in strategic financial management
    • Integrate data analytics in performance measurement and evaluation
    • Negotiate, manage conflicts and communicate effectively to a variety of audiences
    • Develop and apply long-term vision and strategy frameworks
    • Assess and enhance personal leadership style
    • Drive innovation and lead cultural change

    Learning outcomes in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence are described in more detail for each module in the program and can be found in section “Detailed description of the modules” at the end of the document.

  • Programme organization

    Programme organization

    The program is organized as a two-year, part-time program worth 90 ECTS credits.

  • Assessment


    The program has a modular structure and follows a six-week learning cycle. Modules are typically run once every 2-3 months, with in-class sessions from Monday to Saturday. Each module contains a pre-assignment, and final module assignment.
    The 8 modules represent 80 ECTS, with each module representing 10 ECTS.

    Pre-module period of 2-3 weeks Six-day module Post-module period of 2-3 weeks
    Individual preparation Intensive face-to-face session with instructor and peers Final module assignment

    The program is designed to maximize interaction and participation in order to unleash the full potential of the multicultural, multinational group of experienced participants and lecturers. The approach focuses on integration of theory and practice and is adjusted to take differences in learning styles and preferences into account. A variety of methods facilitate learning, including presentations, group debates, casework, quizzes, role plays, lectures, real-life case studies, and encounters with business leaders. Activities draw upon the wide experience of participants, who represent different industries, functions, and educational backgrounds.  
    Each module includes assignments designed to help participants and faculty see whether they have achieved the learning objectives. Participants are assessed both individually and in groups during the program. Grades are given on a scale from A to F, based on pre-module assignments (apx. 25%), participation and presentations in the face-to-face sessions (apx. 25%) and final module assignments (apx. 50%). Each University has the responsibility to keep track of the ECTS and gradings for their respective modules.
    Canvas will be used as learning platform.

  • Modules


    • Module 1: CFO and Finance Function
    • Module 2: Strategic Management
    • Module 3: Organizing and Managing Innovation
    • Module 4: Managing in a Dynamic Business Environment
    • Module 5: Decision Making and Data Management
    • Module 6: Corporate Finance
    • Module 7: Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
    • Module 8: Governance, Leadership and Change Management