Terje Rein Hansen

Professor Emeritus Terje Rein Hansen

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Business and Management Science
Personal Economics Tax and Public Economics Corporate Organisation and Management Management Control

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Bøhren, Øyvind, Hansen, Terje Rein Capital Budgeting with Unspecified Discount Rates The Scandinavian Journal of Economics Volume 82 (1), page 45 - 58, 1980
Hansen, Terje Rein The Relationship between Aggregate Costs, Employment and Cargo Capacity of the Norwegian Purse Seiner Fleet, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 1979, 81(1), 18-29. The Scandinavian Journal of Economics Volume 81 (1), page 18 - 29, 1979
Hansen, Terje Rein A Procedure for Determining Optimal Subsidies and Economic Activity Levels in an Economically Depressed Area MIT Press, 1977
Hansen, Terje Rein On the Approximation of a Nash Equilibrium Points in N-Person Noncooperative Game SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics Volume 26 (3), page 622 - 637, 1974
Scarf, Herbert E., Hansen, Terje Rein The Computation of Economic Equilibria Yale University Press, 1973
Hansen, Terje Rein, Jaskold-Gabszewicz, Jean Collusion of Factor Owners and Distribution of Social Output Journal of Economic Theory Volume 4 (1), page 1 - 18, 1972
Hansen, Terje Rein, Koopmans, Tjalling C. On the Definition and Computation of a Capital Stock Invariant under Optimization Journal of Economic Theory Volume 5 (3), page 487 - 523, 1972
Hansen, Terje Rein An Aggregated Production Function Statsøkonomisk tidsskrift Volume 83 (1), page 1 - 9, 1969
Hansen, Terje Rein A Note on the Limit of the Core of an Exchange Economy International Economic Review Volume 10 (3), page 479 - 483, 1969
Hansen, Terje Rein A Fixed Point Algorithm for Approximating the Optimal Solution of a Concave Programming Problem 1969
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