Per Egil Pedersen

Adjunct Professor Per Egil Pedersen

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Strategy and Management
Service Innovation Entrepreneurship and Innovation Marketing and Brand Management


Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Kurtmollaiev, Seidali; Pedersen, Per Egil; Fjuk, Annita; Kvale, Knut Developing managerial dynamic capabilities: A quasi-experimental field study of the effects of design thinking training Academy of Management Learning & Education; 2018
Kurtmollaiev, Seidali; Fjuk, Annita; Pedersen, Per Egil; Clatworthy, Simon; Kvale, Knut Organizational transformation through service design: The institutional logics perspective Journal of Service Research Volume 21 (1); page 59 - 74; 2018
Solem, Birgit Andrine Apenes; Bentsen, Kristin; Pedersen, Per Egil Radikal forretningsmodellinnovasjon i varehandelen Nye forretningsmodeller i handelen : innovasjon for en bærekraftig fremtid; page 35 - 48; 2017
Krumsvik, Arne H.; Kvale, Knut; Pedersen, Per Egil Market Structure and Innovation Policies in Norway Innovation Policies in the European News Media Industry: A Comparative Study; page 149 - 160; 2017
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