Orazio Attanasio

Professor II Orazio Attanasio


Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Armand, Alex; Attanasio, Orazio; Carneiro, Pedro; Lechene, Valérie The Effect of Gender-Targeted Conditional Cash Transfers on Household Expenditures: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment Economic Journal Volume 130; page 1875 - 1897; 2020
Attanasio, Orazio; Cattan, Sarah; Fitzsimons, Emla; Meghir, Costas; Rubio-Codina, Marta Estimating the Production Function for Human Capital: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Colombia The American Economic Review Volume 110 (1); page 48 - 85; 2020
Sylvia, Sean; Attanasio, Orazio; Warrinnier, Nele; Luo, Renfu; Yue, Ai; Medina, Alexis; Rozelle, Scott From Quantity to Quality: Delivering a Home-based Parenting Intervention through China’s Family Planning Cadres Economic Journal; 2020
Attanasio, Orazio; Amin-Smith, Neil Consumption and Wage Inequality in the US:The Dynamics of the Last Three Decades Fiscal studies Volume 41 (1); page 7 - 38; 2020
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