Olvar Bergland

Adjunct Associate Professor Olvar Bergland

+47 55 95 96 93
Business and Management Science
Energy Economics Industrial Organisation Bayesian Econometrics Statistical Decision Theory

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Senyonga, Livingstone; Bergland, Olvar Impact of High-Powered Incentive Regulations on Efficiency and Productivity Growth of Norwegian Electricity Utilities Energy Journal Volume 39 (5); page 231 - 255; 2018
Barton, David N; Andersen, Tom; Bergland, Olvar; Engebretsen, Alexander; Moe, S. Jannicke; Orderud, Geir I; Tominaga, Koji; Romstad, Eirik; Vogt, Rolf D Eutropia: Integrated Valuation of Lake Eutrophication Abatement Decisions Using a Bayesian Belief Network The Routledge Handbook of Applied System Science; page 297 - 320; 2016
Mirza, Faisal Mehmood; Bergland, Olvar; Isma, Khatoon Measuring the degree of competition in Pakistan’s banking industry: An empirical analysis Applied Economics Volume 48 (53); page 5138 - 5151; 2016
Mirza, Faisal Mehmood; Bergland, Olvar Market power in the Norwegian electricity market: Are the transmission bottlenecks truly exogenous? Energy Journal Volume 36 (4); page 313 - 330; 2015
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