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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Bjørndal, Trond, Pasquine, Mark, Nesset, Erik Does geographical clustering pay? Analysis of the Norwegian salted and dried cod industry Immateriell kapital. Fjordantologien 2017, page 275 - 295, 2017
Pasquine, Mark, Glavee-Geo, Richard, Håvold, Jon Ivar Local but not: Effects of unfamiliar region of origin on quality perceptions of regional food products Fragmentering eller mobilisering? : regional utvikling i Nordvest : Fjordantologien 2014, page 325 - 345, 2015
Pasquine, Mark The Good and the Different: Context effects in more complex choice tasks Proceedings - EMAC, 2012
Pasquine, Mark When is it better not to be unique? Moving from extreme alternative to being preferred Proceedings - EMAC, 2008
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