Johannes Mauritzen

Adjunct Associate Professor Johannes Mauritzen

Business and Management Science
Energy Management Science Industrial Organization Applied Statistics Business Economics Data Science

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Mauritzen, Johannes The Covid-19 shock on a low-carbon grid: Evidence from the nordics Energy Policy Volume 156; page 1 - 15; 2021
Mauritzen, Johannes; Sucarrat, Genaro Increasing Or Diversifying Risk?Tail Correlations, Transmission Flows And Prices Across Wind Power Areas Energy Journal (29 pages); 2021
Mauritzen, Johannes Will the locals benefit?: The effect of wind power investments on rural wages Energy Policy Volume 142 (10 pages); 2020
Tangerås, Thomas; Mauritzen, Johannes Real-time versus day-ahead market power in a hydro-based electricity market The Journal of Industrial Economics Volume 66 (4); page 904 - 941; 2019
Mauritzen, Johannes Are Solar Panels Commodities? Evidence of Quality Differences and Asymmetric Information European Journal of Operational Research Volume 280 (1); page 365 - 382; 2019
Fleten, Stein-Erik; Mauritzen, Johannes; Ullrich, Carl J. The other renewable: Hydropower upgrades and renewable portfolio standards Energy Journal Volume 39 (2); page 197 - 217; 2018
Mauritzen, Johannes Cost, Contractors and Scale: An Empirical Analysis of the California Solar Market Energy Journal Volume 38 (6); page 177 - 197; 2017
Mauritzen, Johannes The effect of oil prices on field production: evidence from the Norwegian continental shelf Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics Volume 79 (1); page 124 - 144; 2016
Mauritzen, Johannes Now or Later? Trading wind power closer to real-time and how poorly designed subsidies lead to higher balancing costs Energy Journal Volume 36 (4); page 149 - 164; 2015
Mauritzen, Johannes How price spikes can help overcome the energy efficiency gap Economics Letters Volume 134; page 114 - 117; 2015
Mauritzen, Johannes Scrapping a wind turbine: Policy changes, scrapping incentives and why wind turbines in good locations get scrapped first Energy Journal Volume 35 (2); page 157 - 181; 2014
Mauritzen, Johannes Dead Battery? Wind Power, the Spot Market, and Hydropower Interaction in the Nordic Electricity Market Energy Journal Volume 34 (1); page 103 - 124; 2013
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