Gregor Philipp Reich

Associate Professor Gregor Reich

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Strategy and Management
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Gregor Reich is an Associate Professor at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

He holds an MA in Economics, and a PhD in Business Administration, both from University of Zurich. After his PhD, he collected some industry experience, and then went for a PostDoc to the Hoover Institution (Stanford).

His research interests are the application of computational methods to estimation problems in business, finance, and economics. For a method to estimate models with missing data observations developed in his thesis, he won the 2015 Mercator Award for Junior Researchers.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Reich, Gregor Divide and Conquer: Recursive Likelihood Function Integration for Hidden Markov Models with Continuous Latent Variables Operations Research Volume 66 (6); page 1457 - 1470; 2018
Larsen, Bradley J; Oswald, Florian; Reich, Gregor; Wunderli, Dan A Test of the Extreme Value Type I Assumption in the Bus Engine Replacement Model Economics Letters Volume 116 (2); page 213 - 216; 2012
Reich, Gregor Market Self-organization under Limited Information Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) Volume 7023; page 32 - 41; 2011
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Working papers

  • „Small Data“: Efficient Inference with Occasionally Observed States. (with Andreas Lanz, Philipp Müller; 2020; available on request)
  • Efficient Likelihood Ratio Confidence Intervals using Constrained Optimization. (with Ken Judd; 2019; available at SSRN
  • Learning in Proof-of-Work Protocols—And Why It Does Not Matter (Yet). (with José Parra-Moyano and Karl Schmedders; 2020; updated version available on request)
  • Structural Estimation Using Parametric Mathematical Programming with Equilibrium Constraints and Homotopy Path Continuation. (with Philipp Müller; 2019; available at SSRN)
  • Adaptive Grids for the Estimation of Dynamic Models. (with Ole Wilms; 2017; updated version available on request)