Felix Morency-Lavoie

PhD Candidate Felix Morency-Lavoie

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Macroeconomics and Natural Resources
Environmental economics Resource economics Fisheries and aquaculture economics Applied spatial econometrics Energy Sustainability

Félix Morency-Lavoie is a research scholar and PhD candidate at the Department of Economics of the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). He is affiliated with two research groups: Macroeconomics and Natural Resources at NHH as well as Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment at The Centre for Applied Research (SNF).

Morency-Lavoie’s main research interests are in the fields of environmental, energy, and resource economics. He specializes in application of spatial analysis and modelling to environmental issues related to the management of natural resources. Currently, his doctoral research concentrates on salmon aquaculture where he examines how connectivity, spillovers and patterns of contamination affect the behavior of firms and regulators. Through the understanding of spatial interdependence, his work aims to foster sustainability and resilience of bio-economic systems.

Morency-Lavoie has a varied background in working with both spatial analysis and natural resources. Prior to joining NHH, he developed expertise in spatial data analysis at Revenu Québec, working with fraud detection in corporate taxation. He also has broad experience from industrial appraisal in forestry and wood transformation industry across Canada.

Morency-Lavoie holds a Masters degree in Economics and Business Administration from NHH with a specialization in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment (ENE). He did his undergraduate studies at Université de Montréal (Economics, 2012) and HEC Montréal (Business Administration, 2005).
Supervisor: Linda Nøstbakken