Elisabeth Norman

Adjunct Professor Elisabeth Norman

Strategy and Management

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Kant, Leo; Norman, Elisabeth Working Under the Gun: A Theoretical Analysis of Stressors Associated With the Re-negotiation of Norms and Control of Work Tasks During COVID-19 Frontiers in Psychology Volume 12 (17 pages); 2021
Samnøy, Solrun; Norman, Elisabeth; Tjomsland, Hege Eikeland Folkehelse og livsmestring Elev i skolen 1-7 : Mangfold og mestring; page 288 - 306; 2021
Tjomsland, Hege Eikeland; Samnøy, Solrun; Norman, Elisabeth Folkehelse og livsmestring Elev i skolen 5-10 : Mangfold og mestring; page 285 - 303; 2021
Bø, Simen; Sjåstad, Hallgeir; Norman, Elisabeth Working for the Best or Bracing for the Worst? Approach and Avoidance Motivation in Planning Collabra: Psychology Volume 7 (1); 2021
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