Cardamine Carmen Olsen

Assistant Professor Cardamine Carmen Olsen

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Accounting, Auditing and Law
Accounting and Auditing Auditing

Areas of expertise: Auditing, Professional Skepticism, Judgment and Decision-making, Neuroaccounting, Personality, Culture.
Carmen Olsen holds a master of accounting and auditing from NHH and within a 3,5 years period finished her PhD entitled “The Challenge of Being Professionally Skeptical”. Her research is inspired by her presentations (over 20) in international conferences (US and Europe), shorter stays abroad (e.g. Oxford, Arhus, …) and professional publications to the auditing society in Norway. Her empirical research is of importance both as contributions to research on auditors’ professional skepticism and in providing insights for the profession and regulators into the behavior of auditors. Besides using traditional accounting perspectives and methods, her research portfolio encompasses neuroscientific research perspectives and she has worked with researchers from different disciplines to offer an interesting interpretation of prior literature on professional skepticism. Prior to her PhD, she has worked as a consultant at the tax authorities and as an auditor

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Olsen, Carmen; Velo, Morten; Kjærland, Jan Ove Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Gjennomføringen av et robotiseringsprosjekt Revisjon og Regnskap (3); 2018
Olsen, Carmen; Gold, Anna Future research directions at the intersection between cognitive neuroscience research and auditors’ professional skepticism Journal of Accounting Literature; 2018
Olsen, Carmen A Study of Professional Skepticism Springer; 2017
Olsen, Carmen Hva er profesjonell skepsis? Revisjon og Regnskap (3); page 32 - 37; 2014
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