Arild Raaheim

Adjunct Professor Arild Raaheim

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Strategy and Management
Corporate Goverance Management Sciende

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Hole, Torstein Nielsen; Velle, Gaute; Riese, Hanne; Raaheim, Arild; Simonelli, Anne-Laure Biology students at work: using blogs to investigate personal epistemologies Cogent Education Volume 5 (1); page 1 - 16; 2018
Raaheim, Arild; Mathiassen, Ketil; Moen, Vegard; Lona, Irene; Gynnild, Vidar; Bunæs, Bente Ringlund; Hasle, Emil Trygve Digital assessment – how does it challenge local practices and national law? A Norwegian case study European Journal of Higher Education (13 pages); 2018
Jeno, Lucas Matias; Danielsen, Anne G.; Raaheim, Arild A prospective investigation of students’ academic achievement and dropout in higher education: a Self-Determination Theory approach Educational Psychology Volume 38 (9); page 1163 - 1184; 2018
Jeno, Lucas Matias; Raaheim, Arild; Kristensen, Sara M.; Kristensen, Kjell Daniel Berg; Hole, Torstein Nielsen; Haugland, Mildrid Jorunn; Mæland, Silje The relative effect of team-based learning on motivation and learning: a self-determination theory perspective CBE - Life Sciences Education Volume 16 (4); page 1 - 12; 2017
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