Positions as student assistants

Positions as student assistants

The Department of professional and intercultural communication (FSK) invites applicants for 2 positions as student assistant for the course ENG11 English for Business II, Spring term 2017.

The course is taught in 4 parallel groups of approx. 50-55 students per group.

In some weeks there may be little need for the student assistants, while in other weeks you may be needed for all 4 groups. The course has a high degree of student activity, and your tasks will include monitoring/filming student activities, e.g. mock business presentations and meetings, giving feedback on oral assignments, as well as providing administrative support to the lecturers.

The positions are remunerated according to present standards, including compensation for preparation, presence in the classroom, and any follow-up.

The position requires excellent English language proficiency, both oral and written. Some knowledge of Norwegian is also very helpful.

Any questions may be addressed to Trine Dahl (head of the English section).

Your application, including CV, transcripts and any recommendation letters should be sent as one PDF file to trine.dahl@nhh.no

Please label your application «Application ENG11».

Application deadline: Sunday 30 October 2016.