Finance Seminars Fall 2015

Finance Seminars Fall 2015

Finance Seminars FALL 2015
28.08, 10.45-12.00
Aud. Karl Borch

Ron Masulis, UNSW
"Independent Director Reputation Incentives: CEO Compensation Contracts and Financial Accounting Reliability"

02.09, 12.15-13.30
Aud. Karl Borch

Lasse Heje Pederson, Copenhagen Business School
"Quality Minus Junk"

04.09, 12.45-14.00
Aud. Karl Borch

Alexander Ljungqqvist, NYU
"State Capitalism vs. Private Enterprise"

02.10, 12.45-14.00
Aud Karl Borch

Doron Levis, Wharton
"Corporate Control Activism"

16.10, 12.45-14.00
Aud. Karl Borch

Han Xia, University of Texas at Dallas
"Buying on certification: Governmant procurement and credit ratings"

23.10, 12.45-14.00
Aud.. Karl Borch

Johan Walden, Berkeley
"Securitization Networks and Endogenous Financial Norms in US Mortgage Markets" 

27.11, 12.45-14.00
Aud. Karl Borch

David Lando, CBS
"Safe-Haven CDS-Premia"

14.12, 10.45-11.45
Aud. Karl Borch

Berk Sensoy, Ohio State University
"The Liquidity Cost of Private Equity Investments: Evidence from Secondary Market Transactions"

14.12, 12.45-13.45
Aud. Karl Borch

David Robinson, Duke University
"By any other name? The role of VC in the going picks process in China"