Seminars Spring 2017

Seminars Spring 2017

Business and Management Science seminars
Thursday 12.01, 10.45-12.00, Finn Kydland's Aud.
(Joint seminar with Department of Finance)

Suresh Sundaresan, Columbia Business School

An Explanation of Negative Swap Spreads: Demand for Duration from Underfunded Pension Plans

Thursday 19.01, 14.15-15.30, Karl Borch's Aud.

Wolfgang Eggert, University of Freiburg

Moral Hazard, Profits and Taxation of the Financial Sector

Thursday 02.02, 14.15-15.30, Meeting room 6th floor

Miguel Anjos, Polytechnique Montréal

Optimization for Demand Response in Smart Grids

Thursday 30.03, 14.15-15.30, Meeting room 9th floor

Nadia Campaniello, University of Essex

Uncovering the Gender Participation Gap in Crime

Thursday 06.04, 14.15-15.30, Karl Borch's Aud.

Dominika Langenmayr, Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

Trading Offshore: Evidence on Banks' Tax Avoidance

Thursday 20.04, 14.15-15.30, Meeting room 6th floor

Jiun-Yu Yu, National Taiwan University

Improving Emergency Medical Services with Time-Region-Specific Cruising Ambulances

Thursday 04.05, 14.15-15.30, Meeting room 9th floor

Libor Dusek, University of Economics, Prague

Experience with Punishment and Specific Deterrence: Evidence from Speeding Tickets

Thursday 11.05, 14.15-15.30, Meeting room 6th floor

Dries Goossens, Ghent University

Conference Scheduling: A Personalized Approach

Wednesday 31.05, 12.15-13.30, Meeting room 6th floor

André Rossi, University of Angers

Cutting planes for a robust electricity distribution network problems, and column generation for a wireless sensor network with camera sensors

Thursday 01.06, 14.15-15.30, Meeting room 9th floor

Jens Prüfer, Tilburg University

Competing with Big Data

Thursday 08.06, 14.15-15.30, Karl Borch's Aud.

Pierpaolo Parrotta and Marianna Marino, ICN Business School

Mafia and Innovation: evidence from Italian regions

Business and Management Science brownbag seminars
Monday 13.03, 11.30-12.15, Meeting room 6th floor

Evelina Gavrilova, NHH

Why is the Market Happy with Trump?

Wednesday 10.05, 11.30-12.15, Meeting room 6th floor

Regina Ortmann, University of Paderborn

Management Incentives for Optimal Investment Decisions under Formula Apportionment

Wednesday 07.06, 11.30-12.15, Meeting room 6th floor

Ole-Petter Moe Hansen, NHH

Quantifying Determinants of Immigration Preferences