Seminars Fall 2013

Seminars Fall 2013

Business and Management Science seminars
Monday 26.08, 14.15-15.30, Midt i mellom

Kjersti Aas, Norwegian Computing Center

Bruk av statistisk modellering i risikostyring i norske banker

Thursday 19.09, 12.30-13.45, Midt i mellom II

Verena Hagspiel, NTNU

Technological Change: A Burden or a Chance
Thursday 26.09, 10.30-11.45, Midt i mellom

Adel Hatami-Marbini, Universite Catholique Louvain

Allocating fixed resources and setting targets using a common-weights DEA approach
Thursday 03.10, 12.15-13.30, Midt i mellom II

Martin Simmler, DIW Berlin

Heterogeneity in Tax-Motivated Profit Shifting and its Effects on Corporate Investment
Wednesday 09.10, 12.15-13.30, Midt i mellom II

Bård Støve, University of Bergen

A test for non-linearity in temperature proxy records
Friday 18.10, 13.15-14.30, Meeting room 9th floor

Michael Stimmelmayr / Marko Köthenbürger, ETH Zurich

Taxing Multinationals in the Presence of Internal Capital Markets
Wednesday 23.10, 12.15-13.30, Terje Hansen's Aud.

Joacim Tåg, Research Insitute of Industrial Economics, Stockholm

Do Leveraged Buyouts Lead to Unemployment for Workers? Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data
Thursday 31.10, 11.15-12.30, Midt i mellom II

Trine Krogh Boomsma, University of Copenhagen

Termination of renewable energy support schemes: How uncertainty may speed up investment rates

Business and Management Science brownbag seminars
Thursday 29.08, 11.30-, 6th floor staff room

Patrick A. Narbel, NHH

Factors to be considered when designing carbon abatement policies –  the case of Norway

Monday 16.09, 11.30-, 6th floor staff room

Hong Cai, NHH

Analyzing a hybrid congestion management method in NordPool

Monday 23.09, 11.30-, 6th floor staff room

Ivan Belik, NHH

Modeling the effect of an agent's power in social networks

Monday 14.10, 11.30-, 6th floor staff room

Xiaomei Cheng, NHH

Cost efficiency analysis based on DEA and StoNED: the case of Norwegian Electricity Distribution Companies

Monday 21.10, 11.30-12.15, 6th floor staff room

Eivind Stensholt, NHH

Preferential elections: Some main ideas and problematic side effects

Monday 28.10, 11.30-12.15, 6th floor staff room

Sahar Babri, NHH / Lisa Maria Assman, NHH

Speed Optimization in the presence of Stochastic Demand