Publications 2007

Publications 2007

Publications at the Department of Business and Management Science

ABS journal articles 2007

Articles published in journals ranked as level 3 or 4 (of 4) in the Academic Journal Guide (version 4, 2010), published by the Association of Business Schools.

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Articles published in level 4 journals (top 10 %)
Møen, Jarle

R&D spillovers from subsidized firms that fail: Tracing knowledge by following employees across firms

Research Policy, 2007, 36(9), 1443-1464
(Online 21.08.2007)

Articles published in level 3 journals (top 40 %)
Drexl, Andreas
Jörnsten, Kurt

Reflections about pseudo-dual prices in combinatorial auctions

Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2007, 58(12), 1652-1659

Hu, Yaozhong
Øksendal, Bernt

Optimal smooth portfolio selection for an insider

Journal of Applied Probability, 2007, 44(3), 742-752
(Online 13.09.2007)

Leite, Tore

Adverse selection, public information, and underpricing in IPOs

Journal of Corporate Finance, 2007, 13(5), 813-828
(Online 25.04.2007)

Lensberg, Terje
Schenk-Hoppé, Klaus Reiner

On the Evolution of Investment Strategies and the Kelly Rule - A Darwinian Approach

Review of Finance, 2007, 11(1), 25-50
(Online 01.01.2007)

Lindset, Snorre
Lund, Arne-Christian

A Technique for Reducing Discretization Bias from Monte Carlo Simulations: Option Pricing under Stochastic Interest Rates

European Journal of Finance, 2007, 13(6), 545-564
(Online 18.09.2007)

Lindset, Snorre
Lund, Arne-Christian

A Monte Carlo approach for the American put under stochastic interest rates

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2007, 31(4), 1081-1105
(Online 21.06.2006)

Shogren, Jason F.
Stamland, Tommy

Valuing Lives Saved from Safer Food - A Cautionary Tale Revisited

American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2007, 89(5), 1176-1182
(Online 01.12.2007)

Ubøe, Jan
Lillestøl, Jostein

Benefit efficient statistical distributions on patient lists

Journal of Health Economics, 2007, 26(4), 800-820
(Online 30.12.2006)

West, B. Martin
Bengtsson, Jens

Aggregate production process design in global manufacturing using a real options approach

International Journal of Production Research, 2007, 45(8), 1745-1762
(Online 09.03.2007)