Publications 2006

Publications 2006

Publications at the Department of Business and Management Science

ABS journal articles 2006

Articles published in journals ranked as level 3 or 4 (of 4) in the Academic Journal Guide (version 4, 2010), published by the Association of Business Schools.

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Articles published in level 4 journals (top 10 %)
Cooper, Ian A.
Nyborg, Kjell G.

The value of tax shields IS equal to the present value of tax shields

Journal of Financial Economics, 2006, 81(1), 215-225
(Online 28.02.2006)

Articles published in level 3 journals (top 40 %)
Bøhren, Øyvind
Haug, Jørgen

Managing Earnings with Intercorporate Investments

Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, 2006, 33(5-6), 671-695

Kaarbøe, Oddvar M.
Olsen, Trond E.

Career Concerns, Monetary Incentives and Job Design

Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2006, 108(2), 299-316
(Online 31.07.2016)

Kvaløy, Ola
Olsen, Trond E.

Team Incentives in Relational Employment Contracts

Journal of Labor Economics, 2006, 24(1), 139-169

Leite, Tore

Bookbuilding with heterogeneous investors

Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2006, 15(2), 235-253
(Online 11.10.2005)

Lensberg, Terje
Eilifsen, Aasmund
McKee, Thomas

Bankruptcy theory development and classification via genetic programming

European Journal of Operational Research, 2006, 169(2), 677-697
(Online 25.08.2004)

Øksendal, Bernt

A universal optimal consumption rate for an insider

Mathematical Finance, 2006, 16(1), 119-129
(Online 04.01.2006)

Östberg, Per

Disclosure, investment and regulation

Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2006, 15(3), 285-306
(Online 06.03.2006)