Publications 2005

Publications 2005

Publications at the Department of Business and Management Science

ABS journal articles 2005

Articles published in journals ranked as level 3 or 4 (of 4) in the Academic Journal Guide (version 4, 2010), published by the Association of Business Schools.

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Articles published in level 4 journals (top 10 %)
Keloharju, Matti
Nyborg, Kjell G.
Rydqvist, Kristian

Strategic behavior and underpricing in uniform price auctions: Evidence from Finnish Treasury auctions

Journal of Finance, 2005, 60(4), 1865-1902
(Online 12.08.2005)

Articles published in level 3 journals (top 40 %)
Leite, Tore

Returns to sentiment investors in IPOs

Economics Letters, 2005, 89(2), 222-226
(Online 27.06.2005)

Møen, Jarle

Is Mobility of Technical Personnel a Source of R&D Spillovers?

Journal of Labor Economics, 2005, 23(1), 81-114

Olsen, Trond E.
Osmundsen, Petter

Sharing of endogenous risk in construction

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2005, 58(4), 511-526
(Online 07.01.2005)

Shogren, Jason F.
Stamland, Tommy

Self-protection and value of statistical life estimation

Land Economics, 2005, 81(1), 100-113

Ussif, Al-Amin M.
Sumaila, Ussif R.

Modeling the dynamics of regulated resource systems: a fishery example

Ecological Economics, 2005, 52(4), 469-479
(Online 10.02.2005)