Data Analysis in Practice: A case collection

Data Analysis in Practice: A case collection

by Jostein Lillestøl, Norwegian School of Economics


Case / Name


1 - Drum Costs Linear fit
2 - Coding Errors Two-sample binomial counts
3 - Sold Out Binomial counts in a time context
4 - Accident Risks Frequency counts, risk analysis
5 - Minced Meat Statistical process control
6 - Fish Farming Distribution, mean and variation over time
7 - Car Insurance Categorical variables, covariation and explanation
8 - Vodka Sales Time series analysis and prediction
9 - Breakfast Cereal Cluster analysis and alternatives
10 - Hotel Tourism Factor analysis and discriminant analysis
11 - Takeover Estimation with error limits
12 - Cashier Fraud Variation and extremes
13 - Response Times One-sample and two-sample estimation and testing, analysis of variance and regression
14 - Operating Expenses Multidimensional categorical and numerical variables - association and explanation
15 - City Parking Estimation with confidence limits, t-tests
16 - Lost Sales Two-sample comparisons
17 - Tax Audit Comparisons, regression and outliers
18 - Union Card T-tests, analysis of variance, regression
19 - Hospital Expenses Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
20 - Customer Satisfaction Cross tabulation - chisquare tests, analysis of variance, regression analysis, factor analysis, discriminant analysis, cluster analysis

For each case there are to text files (.pdf format), the text presentation and the suggested solution, and a data file (Excel worksheet format).