Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment

Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment

Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment (ENE) covers several core topics: First, research on energy markets, including markets for electricity, oil and gas.

Second, research within natural resources, which covers management of resources in industries such as fishing, mining and minerals. Third, environmental research, focusing on climate change, mitigation and adaptation, and the role of national and international policies. In these areas ENE offers rigorous and empirical research to support decision-making by both government and industry. Research within ENE draws upon tools from management science, finance and in general from theories for dynamic decision making under uncertainty.

  • Research Topics

    Research Topics

    Current faculty interests include:

    • Economic fundamentals of the energy and natural resource value chains
    • Energy systems: Institutions, participant interactions, market incentives and decision making
    • Demand response and uncertainty
    • Revenue and operations management of natural resources
    • Market mechanisms, transmission pricing and  risk management in power markets
    • Policies and market instruments for integrating renewable energy technologies
    • The fishing industry and resource utilization
    • Marine ecosystem management and value creation
    • Business challenges in aquaculture and ocean farming
    • Environmental and climate policies: Business and governmental interactions
    • The impact of regulatory schemes on commercial energy and resource development
    • Environmental perspectives on land and maritime transport
  • Research output

    Research output

    ENE researchers present their work at academic conferences and have published articles in journals including the Energy Journal, International Game Theory Review, Omega, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Development Economics and American Journal of Agricultural Economics. ENE research also emphasizes communication with broader audiences, including through media presence and working with businesses and policy makers.


ENE researchers work in partnership with corporations and public entities and are connected nationally and internationally through research funded inter alia by Norwegian and EU research programs.