The Energy, Resource and Environmental Industrial Sector

ENE421 The Energy, Resource and Environmental Industrial Sector

  • Topics


    • Resource management
    • Certificates of origin for electricity
    • Fisheries and aquaculture
    • Financial and physical markets for electricity
    • Market analysis and energy portfolio management
    • Environmental issues in power production
    • Company strategy
    • Financial markets
    • Risk analysis
    • Climate regulation and carbon trading
    • Class discussion on the topics above and their common factor

  • Learning outcome

    Learning outcome


    The students will be able to understand theories and models that are actually used in real-world companies within the aquaculture sector, physical and financial market places for electricity, brokerage firms for energy, companies in derivative markets, the fishing sector, the green certificate market and the petroleum sector.


    The students will be able to apply models and methods that stem from real world companies within the ENE sector and which are used for

    • Market analysis
    • Risk management
    • Environmental evaluation
    • Sustainability analysis and rating
    • Analysis and action in derivative markets
    • Strategic decisions
    • Management of renewable resources
    • Quota trading of CO2


    General Competence

    • The students will be able to plan and perform projects related to various topics listed above.
    • The students will be able to convey the results of such projects for their peers as well as their clients and third parties.
    • Discuss and solve problems related to the issues above either individually or in groups

  • Teaching


    Lectures twice a week; class discussions.

  • Required prerequisites

    Required prerequisites


  • Requirements for course approval

    Requirements for course approval

     One or two compulsory assignments during the course.

  • Assessment


    Individual home exam (100%), 8 hours

  • Grading Scale

    Grading Scale

    Grading scale A - F.

  • Semester



  • Literature


    To be announced later.

    Lecture notes and other material published on It's learning.

    Recommended readings: 

    A list of recommended readings (books, articles and journals) is available on Itslearning.


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Course responsible

Professor Stein I. Steinshamn, Department of Business and Management Science