Seminar: Communicating in the Energy Sector: Intercultural Interaction (Expired)

ENE454 Seminar: Communicating in the Energy Sector: Intercultural Interaction (Expired)

Spring 2020

  • Topics

    • Key concepts of intercultural business communication
    • Cultural intelligence
    • Presentations in intercultural settings
    • Intercultural negotiation
    • Working in intercultural teams
    • Energy issues and communication

  • Learning outcome

    This seminar focuses on the concept of cultural intelligence and aims to provide the students with appropriate tools for becoming competent communicators in today's multicultural English-speaking business community. There is a dual focus on theoretical aspects of intercultural communication and the practical application of key concepts within the field. The seminar uses case-based scenarios involving issues relevant to the energy sector. The scenarios are used as a basis for increasing the students' awareness of intercultural aspects and for training of communication skills.


    On completion of the course, the candidate:

    • has increased awareness of differences in communication patterns across cultures
    • has knowledge of key concepts within the field of intercultural business communication
    • has increased competence in handling various communication situations at the managerial level within the globalised energy sector
    • has knowledge of and training experience in the application of this knowledge in communication situations such as presentations, negotiations and report writing
    •  is able to reflect on the importance of communication context and its effect on communication style

  • Teaching

    One-week intensive course. Note that a written pre-seminar assignment will be announced on It¿s learning 1-2 weeks before teaching starts.

  • Requirements for course approval

    Active participation in class discussions and at least one course activity (presentation / negotiation)

    Because of content overlap between ENE454 Communicating in the Energy Sector and the two courses INB403 Cross Cultural Management and INB431 Global Management Practice, students who take both ENE454 and INB403 / INB431 will not get full credit for both courses:

  • Assessment

    Written assignment (min. 2, max. 3 students write together)

  • Grading Scale

    Grading Pass / fail

  • Computer tools


  • Literature

    Lecture notes


    A compendium with the following texts:

    Beamer, L. and I. Varner. 2008. `Culture and communication'. In: Beamer/Varner, Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace. New York: McGraw-Hill, pp. 1-44.

    Francesco, A.M. and B.A. Gold. 2005. `Negotiation and conflict resolution'. In: Francesco/Gold, International Organizational Behavior. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson, pp. 86-102.

    Lewis, R. D. 2007. `Team building and horizons'. In: Lewis, When Cultures Collide. Boston/London: Nicholas Brealey International, pp.125-139.

    Lewis, R. D. 2007. `Motivating people and building trust.' In: Lewis, When Cultures Collide. Boston/London: Nicholas Brealey International, pp.141-151.


ECTS Credits

Spring. Currently not offered

Course responsible

Trine Dahl and Gisle Andersen, Department of professional and intercultural communication.