Research Seminar in Finance (not offered)

FIN539B Research Seminar in Finance (not offered)

Autumn 2021

  • Topics

    The purpose of this course is to enhance the students' ability to understand and actively take part in research seminars at the forefront of knowledge on a variety of topics in their field. To accomplish this, the course builds on the papers presented at the weekly seminars at the department of finance. All regular seminars, possibly excluding job market seminar by applicants to positions at NHH, between August and June are included.

    There is a class meeting in connection with each seminar, where one designated PhD student discusses the current seminar-paper with emphasis on strengths and weaknesses of the paper, its key insights and findings, and opportunities for future work inspired by the paper. At least one faculty member with research interests similar to the seminar-paper is present to facilitate and contribute to the discussion. Different faculty members may be present at different seminars/class meetings.

  • Learning outcome

    After taking this course, the candidate...


    - has gained knowledge at the forefront of his/her academic field 


    - can understand and actively take part in research seminars that present current research in his/her field, and identify main strengths and weaknesses of that research

    - can challenge established knowledge and practice in his/her field by identifying a paper's key insights and findings, and evaluating the research methods that led to them.

    - can identify new research opportunities that spring out of current research

    General Competence

    - can participate in debates in the field in international forums

  • Teaching

    The course literature will be the seminar papers.

    • Students are expected to prepare by reading the seminar-paper prior to class.
    • The responsibility of presenting the seminar-paper circulate among the students. Typically, each student presents between three and five papers and hand in written reviews (slides) of those papers prior to the seminar to receive course approval.
    • Students are expected to participate actively in class discussions.
    • Participation in department seminars and in the subsequent class meetings.

  • Requirements for course approval

    At least 80% attendance at department seminars and in the class meetings.

  • Assessment

    Participation in class and the written reviews (slides) of the presented papers count equally.

  • Grading Scale



ECTS Credits
Teaching language

Autumn and spring. Not offered fall 2021.

Course responsible

Organised by Associate Professor Tommy Stamland, Department of Finance, NHH.