Norwegian Economic Policy in Historical Perspective (not offered)

ECN428 Norwegian Economic Policy in Historical Perspective (not offered)

Autumn 2023

  • Topics

    This course deals with important topics in economic history; how economic policy has been carried out and affected the economic development over the last two hundred years.

    The focus is on Norwegian economic policy, but the international development will also be addressed. The course is based on reading and presentation of articles written by primarily Norwegian economic historians.d

  • Learning outcome

    Knowledge - upon successful completion the student should

    • Know the main elements of the development of Norwegian economic policy during the last two hundred years, and how it has been affected by the international development.
    • Have a knowledge and understanding of the background for and the consequences of the economic policy that has been carried out.

    Skills - upon successful completion the student should

    • Be able to use economic theory and thought on economic policy issues.
    • Have the knowledge to analyze theories, methods and interpretations within this part of economic history.

    General competence - upon successful completion the student should

    • Be able to communicate on academic issues, analysis and conclusions in the field.

  • Teaching

    The main method of teaching will be regular lectures.

  • Recommended prerequisites


  • Compulsory Activity

    A written term-paper

  • Assessment

    A written four hour school exam

  • Grading Scale


  • Computer tools


  • Literature

    Compulsary reading:

    B.L. Basberg, «Creating a Patent System in the European Periphery. The Case of Norway, 1839-1860», Scandinavian Economic History Review, 2-1997.

    Ø. Bjørnson, «The Social Democrats and the Norwegian Welfare State: Some Perspectives», Scandinavian Journal of History, Vol. 26, No. 3, 2001, pp. 197-224.

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    H.O. Frøland, «Choosing the Periphery: The Political Economy of Norway¿s European Integration Policy, 1948- 73¿, Journal of European Integration History, Vol. 7, No. 1, 2001.

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    L.F. Øksendal, «Freedom for Manoeuvre: The Norwegian Gold Standard Experience, 1874-1914», in A. Ögren and L.F. Øksendal (eds.), The Gold Standard Peripheries: Monetary Policy, Adjustment and Flexibility in a Global Setting, London (Palgrave MacMillan), 2012.

    Recommended background reading:

    M. Hilson, The Nordic Model. Scandinavia since 1945, Reaktion Books, London 2008.

    G. Rusten (eds.), Norway: Nature, Industry and Society, Fagbokforlaget, Bergen 2013.

    (February 2017)


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Course responsible

Bjørn L. Basberg