Marketing Topics: Distribution Channels

MAR519 Marketing Topics: Distribution Channels

  • Topics


    • Transaction cost economics
    • Agency theory
    • Relational contracting theory
    • Power and conflict
    • Cooperative strategies
    • Plural forms


  • Learning outcome

    Learning outcome

    The course focuses on different ways of organizing economic transactions and contractual relations between companies. This is referred to as interorganizational relations, and the course studies such relationships within the context of distribution channels emphasizing how companies interact with other actors in the value chain such as customers, distributors and suppliers. The course builds on different theoretical perspectives rooted in different disciplines and analyzes how economic factors interact with social and relational factors.


    Knowledge - The candidate...

    is in the forefront of knowledge concerning how economic transactions and contractual relations between companies can be organized

    can analyze and evaluate different institutional forms for how to govern transactions ranging from market transactions and different forms of hybrid governance to internal organization

    can contribute to the development of new empirical and theoretical knowledge related to a variety of interorganizational forms such as vertical and horizontal coordination, franchising, long-term business-to-business relationships, strategic alliances and other forms of cooperative ventures

    Skills - The candidate...

    can formulate new research problems and conduct theoretical and empirical research within the field of distribution channels

    can perform distribution channel research at a high international standard

    can manage complex, interdisciplinary academic issues and challenge contemporary knowledge within the field of distribution channels


    Competence - The candidate...

    can carry out his/her own distribution channel research with scholarly integrity

    can assess the state of the art within the field of distribution channels and communicate current research through recognized Norwegian and international channels

    can participate in debates at international marketing and management forums

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  • Required prerequisites

    Required prerequisites


  • Requirements for course approval

    Requirements for course approval

    Active participation in course discussions and presentation of assigned research articles

  • Assessment


    Course paper

  • Grading Scale

    Grading Scale

    Grading: Pass or fail


  • Computer tools

    Computer tools


  • Semester




  • Literature


    Collection of articles


ECTS Credits
Teaching language
English and/or Norwegian (depending on the students)
Spring, Autumn

Course responsible

Sven A. Haugland, Department of Strategy and Management