Marketing Effectiveness: World Class Cases (expired)

SOL19 Marketing Effectiveness: World Class Cases (expired)

Autumn 2020

  • Topics

    Core topics:

    • Conceptions and dimensions of marketing effectiveness
    • Key metrics of marketing effectiveness
    • Problems in measurement of marketing effectiveness
    • Strengths and weaknesses of case research
    • Recent, famous marketing campaigns

    This course is designed to assist students in answering two related questions: (1) How can and should we evaluate marketing effectiveness? (2) What can we learn about marketing effectiveness from single marketing cases? The first part of the course provides a theoretical and practical basis for later evaluation of three famous marketing campaigns. Introductory lectures address core issues, such as conceptions and metrics of marketing effectiveness, and methods and validity of case research. Selected marketing cases are analyzed in order to illustrate principle points from the literature. Next, students work in groups to analyze three recent and famous marketing cases, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and the validity of the evidence. 

  • Learning outcome

    Knowledge - the candidate

    • can explain alternative conceptions of marketing effectiveness
    • is able to define and use key metrics of marketing effectiveness
    • understands the theoretical underpinnings of major marketing metrics
    • understands and explain the effectiveness of recent, famous marketing campaigns

    Skills - the candidate

    • can identify and solve typical problems involved in measuring marketing effectiveness
    • is able to evaluate marketing cases on the basis of key marketing metrics
    • can apply principle knowledge on how to learn from marketing cases

    General competence - the candidate

    • has basic knowledge of how to learn from experience
    • is able to identify biases in case stories
    • is able to write an executive report

  • Assessment

    Written group term paper on three marketing cases (all group members receive the same grade).

  • Grading Scale


  • Computer tools

    Adobe Connect

  • Literature

    Main textbook: Bauer T., Freundt T., Gordon J., Perry J., Spillecke, D. (2016). Marketing performance: How marketers drive profitable growth, John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    Selected articles and book-chapters. 


ECTS Credits
Teaching language

The course will no longer be offered.

Course responsible

Magne Supphellen, Department of Strategy and Management