Independent work/thesis INB

INBTHE Independent work/thesis INB

Autumn 2020

  • Objective/course outline

    Tutoring is mandatory for the independent work. Two students should cooperate in writing their thesis.

    The thesis may for instance be the application of case studies, marketing research, project work or essays.

    The thesis should be between 50 and 80 pages.

    The thesis must be written in English.


    Students must apply for a supervisor, by March 15th for students writing the thesis in the Fall semester and October 15th for students writing in the Spring semester.

    Supervision may be in the form of seminars or on an individual basis

    Students working on related topics may cooperate


    Students will get feedback on their work as it progresses, but will only receive one final grade.

    The finished thesis is to be submitted at the end of the fourth term, and will be graded by one external and one internal examiner. There will be no oral exam.









ECTS Credits
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Autumn and Spring