French Language for Economics

FRA10 French Language for Economics

Autumn 2023

  • Topics

    French economic language is the first course in the French elective. It provides a good basis for communicating effectively in professional contexts in French, both orally and in writing.

  • Learning outcome

    Upon completion of the course, the student has acquired the following:


    - Knowledge of economic-administrative terminology and expressions that are relevant in professional contexts

    - Knowledge of the French language system for producing short written documents common in business


    - Ability to give short presentations based on economic-administrative topics

    - Ability to express/argue for one's opinion in a work-related situation in an appropriate way

    - Ability to use economic-administrative terminology and expressions that are relevant in professional contexts

    - Ability to use the French language to produce written documents that are common in business, such as reports and e-mails

    General competence:

    - Ability to communicate with French speakers both in social and professional contexts

  • Teaching

    This is a course where interactive learning is in focus. The course uses the "flipped classroom" method where the student prepares for a given topic before class. The class is interactive and is composed of group-based activities, group discussions, writing and review of assignments as well as student presentations. The course requires active participation along the way. The use of e-learning tools is integrated into the teaching.

  • Recommended prerequisites

    The course is based on prior knowledge corresponding to French level II from the Curriculum in foreign languages, ie 3 years from upper secondary school and 2 years from upper secondary school, or 3 years from upper secondary school, or equivalent.

  • Compulsory Activity

    A set of online language exercises must be approved (on Canvas).

  • Assessment

    A portfolio composed of:

    • 2 written assignments. Each written assignment must be submitted twice.
    • 2 oral assignments
    • 1 reflection protocol

    The entire portfolio must be submitted in the same semester. If repeated, the entire portfolio must be taken again. Since the form of assessment in this course is a portfolio evaluation where both oral and written elements are included, it is not verifiable and will not be subject to appeal.

  • Grading Scale



ECTS Credits
Teaching language

Spring. Offered spring 2023.