Applied Financial Management (expired)

FIN13 Applied Financial Management (expired)

Autumn 2019

  • Topics

    The course focuses on selected topics in applied financial management. Specifically, it is built around the following topics

    (1) Corporate Finance

    (2) Portfolio Models

    (3) Valuation of Options

  • Learning outcome

    The goal of this course is to teach students how to apply basic tools in financial management. Upon successful completion of the course, students shall have:



    • understand and interpret financial statements
    • understand how to value projects
    • understand how to estimate the cost of capital
    • understand how to value options



    • implement the above knowledge for solving practical problems in Excel



    • Use the ideas and techniques of financial management to deal with applied real-world problems.

  • Teaching

    9 - 10 Lecturers


    9 - 10 Data Project Meetings


    9 Homework Assignments in MyFinanceLab

  • Recommended prerequisites

    There are no formal prerequisites for the course but students are expected to be familiar with basic finance concepts

  • Requirements for course approval


  • Assessment

    Class performance: 10% of the Final Grade

    Homework Assignments: 30% of Final Grade

    Eight hour individual home exam, between 09:00 and 17:00 on the exam day: 60% of Final Grade

  • Grading Scale


  • Computer tools

    Computers are essential - please, bring your own laptops. You will be expected to actively work on spreadsheets during our regular "lectures".

  • Literature

    Berk J. and DeMarzo P., "Corporate Finance" (2014), Pearson Global Edition, 4th edition.

    Access to the online-tool MyFinanceLab, which accompanies the texbook. For students who do not wish to buy a NEW course book (Berk and DeMarzo), a separate license to MyFinanceLab can be purchased directly online (details provided by the lecturer prior to start of the course).


ECTS Credits
Teaching language

Autumn. Not offered autumn 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: FIN13 has been cancelled in the autumn semester of 2019.

Course responsible

Michael Kisser, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Finance