Information about teaching activities at NHH during the corona pandemic.

The AUTUMN semester 2021

Updated 24 September 2021 at 11.06 AM (Adjustments for fixed seatings in auditoriums)

The basic principle governing the planning for the autumn semester is that everything should be pre-emptive.

With respect to courses and learning activities, NHH has planned for a flexible solution that can be carried out under most circumstances ranging from a relatively normal situation to the extreme case of a larger Covid-19 outbreak which may force us to close the campus.


For all course activities at NHH there is a digital alternative this autumn. This will be the case both at the bachelor and master levels. In some courses the main activities will be planned as physical activities, in others they will be digital, and some courses may even be carried out fully digitally. However, physical meeting places are important and the school hopes to see as many students as possible on campus when the situation allows it. Notice that sometimes the digital alternative might be “live” in our time zone (CET). You should take this into account if deciding to follow courses digitally from outside Europe.

The school considers physical activities to be of particular importance for new students. This implies that, except in the case of a complete shutdown due to Covid-19, for bachelor students the need for physical meeting places will be met at the programme level.

Adjustments for fixed seatings in auditoriums

From Monday 27 September all the seats in the auditoriums can be used during lectures.

The new policy is aligned with the the national recommendations from the Ministry of Education and Research.

However, students will still have to:

  • Take note of where they are sitting; a simple mobile phone photo of the seating number will be sufficient. This is important for tracing and quelling any new outbreaks.
  • Follow the rules outside the auditoriums: maintain distance, good hygienic standards and stay at home if there are signs of symptoms.

Main guidelines for avoiding infection

  • The most important measures are the 1-metre rule, hand washing and cleaning of work surfaces.
  • Please respect that every other seat in study halls and canteens should not be used.
  • Please also act in accordance with the one-way traffic in the corridors.


Updated 12. March 2021, 3.09 PM.

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