Teaching and exams at NHH

Teaching and exams at NHH

NHH will do its utmost to enable all students to complete the semester and take their exams, regardless of how the coronavirus situation develops.

Updated 30 March, 1.20 PM (section covering Bloomber/Eikon)


All teaching, supervision and other study related activities will commence digitally for the rest of the semester.

The Course responsible shall convey all teaching materials through Canvas, including videos or recorded lectures as replacement for the cancelled lectures. The aim is to ensure the same learning as achieved through teaching under normal circumstances.

All course responsibles will provide information about their courses through Canvas if changes in course approval requirements or other aspects are necessary following the digitalisation of all activities.

Due to capacity, it may take some time before digital teaching is active in all courses.


All home examinations and other activities will commence as previously scheduled for individual courses until further notice.

All school examinations in the 2020 spring semester will be replaced by digital home exams on the same date as the originally planned exam, regardless of how the coronavirus situation develops. Open the tabs below to read more about assessment form and assessment scale for these exams. 

  • Assessment form

    Assessment form

    Course coordinators can choose one of the following types of home exam for their course:

    • Digital written exam starting at 9 (duration: 3-7h, determined by course coordinators)
    • Live oral exam in Teams (mainly relevant in smaller classes)
    • Offline oral exam where students upload video presentations to WISEflow

    Another option is to drop the final exam.

    Course coordinators have been asked to consider whether they already have assessed their students' learning outcomes in an adequate way, in which case it could be a better option to skip the final exam (in the case of home exam for school exam).

    In several courses, this process has led to a change in assessment form, which have already been announced to the students in these courses.

  • Assessment scale

    Assessment scale

    The change from school exam to home exam in many courses has brought on questions about which assessment scale to use.

    This is a question that has also engaged our students. Therefore, NHH and the Student Committee at NHH (SUN) launched a joint survey between 16 and 18 March, allowing all NHH students to give their input on relevant criteria for the choice of grade scale in different courses.

    The Student Committee summarized the results in a report, which was presented to NHH’s Academic Committee in their special meeting on this topic on 25 March.

    The Academic Committee, which comprises students, faculty and administrative staff, discussed how and in which types of courses to use which grading scale on home exams replacing school exams this spring. The committee agreed on the following:

    When using pass/fail, a passing grade should be awarded if:

    • The candidate has achieved the requirements for learning outcomes and shows essential knowledge, skills and competence.

    An argument that has been raised by many in favor of changing from grade scale A-F to pass/fail, is that this will reduce the students’ incentives for cheating on their home exams. This also motivates the list of criteria for the two grade scales the committee decided on:

    Course that should be assessed with pass/fail:

    -Quantitative courses, where there is typically one correct answer

    • Known models, extensive cramming
    • Little discussion/text, difficult to use plagiarism control

    -Large classes with many students (and potentially many alumni who can help students write their home exam; that is, cheat). This implies that most mandatory bachelor’s level courses should be assessed with pass/fail.

    Courses that should be assessed with grade scale A-F:

    -Courses where one can design the assignments so that the students do not benefit from communicating with each other or others to solve the assignment

    • Discussion and reflection assignments
    • Emphasis on showing understanding rather than replicating

    -All courses in the master’s program in accounting and auditing (MRR).


    • NHH’s regulations state that the two grading scales, A-F and pass/fail, cannot be combined in the same course (section 4-4). Hence, if one part is assessed with grades A-F (or pass/fail), the same grade scale must be used on the exam.
    • MRR students will obtain letter grades (A-F) in all courses, regardless of the overall grading scheme of the course. Students in this program need A-F grades in all courses to fulfill the requirements for state authorized public accountant.

    Grading when retaking a course/an exam with new grading scale:

    [A-F → pass/fail] Students who have a passing letter grade and retake a pass/fail course:

    • If failing the new exam: Letter grade counts
    • If passing the new exam: “Pass” counts

    [pass/fail → A-F] Students who have a “pass” (from spring 2020) and retake a course with A-F scale:

    • If failing the new exam: “Pass” counts
    • If passing the new exam: Letter grade counts

    Process for determining the assessment scale in courses where the assessment form has changed from school exam to home exam:

    1. All course coordinators have been asked to indicate their preferred grading scale given the above criteria by noon on Friday 27 March.
    2. Responses are evaluated by the program manager of the respective course with input from the Student Committee at NHH. A final decision is made by the vice rector for academic affairs based on the suggestion of the program manager.
    3. The decision is shared with the course coordinators and the students.

    These requests will be processed on an ongoing basis, and we hope to have the NHH website updated with assessment scale for all courses by 1 April.

    Students in all courses where school examination is replaced by home examination will be given the opportunity to withdraw from the exam (without using an examination attempt) when NHH has published information about the grading scale, regardless of the previously announced deadline for withdrawal.

Master theses

The deadline for submission of master theses is postponed until 20 June for all students this semester.

Access to Bloomberg and EIKON

Students who need access to Bloomberg or EIKON in connection with their master’s thesis can reserve time here. Use your student number when you reserve.

Reserve time to use Bloomberg terminal (doodle.com)

Reserve time to use Eikon treminal (doodle.com)

It is possible to get access Monday – Friday between 09:00-16:00.

The studens are admitted into the library through the basement entrance. One of the staff members will let you in.