Infection prevention at NHH

Infection prevention at NHH

Rules and advice for covid-19 infection prevention.

Updated Friday 16 April 2021, 01.00 AM.

The Government has eased the infection control regulations somewhat from midnight Friday 16 April. For NHH, this means that we return to the practice that was in force before the tightening of measures were implemented on 25 March.

It is still very important to follow all measures that can reduce infection.

These are the most important adjustments from the Government that affect NHH:

  • There must be a distance of at least one metre between everyone on campus.
  • Facemasks are recommended in situations where it is difficult to maintain a distance of one metre.
  • Teaching activities: As a point of departure, teaching activities at bachelor's and master's stay digital throughout the semester. Teaching at PhD courses in small groups can take place on campus.
  • The service center and IT user support will be open on campus from and including Friday 16 April.
  • Employees are advised to work from home when possible. Employees who wish to be present on campus, agree this with their immediate superior.

More details about opening hours, access and facilities

Infection situation at NHH

There have been few confirmed infections at NHH in 2021. NHH will not give frequent reports about infection rates unless the situation escalates.

Students are again urged to strictly comply with the infection prevention guidelines. Furthermore, students should have a low threshold for being tested and pay extra attention to whether they have symptoms.

The most important measures that each and every one of us shall take, are:

  • Keep a distance of 1 metres - always
  • Wash your hands often
  • Disinfect your work surfaces 
  • Stay at home if you do not feel well 

The NHH management stresses that it still is important that everyone who is confirmed infected reports to NHH.

What to do if you are a NHH student and suspect infection

NHH infection control guide

The infection control guide provides detailed guidelines for how employees and students should minimise the risk of infection. 

NHH’s infection control guidelines (PDF 1 mb)