Exchange in the spring semester 2020

Exchange in the spring semester 2020

Travel advice and other information for outbound and incoming exchange students.

Updated 5 May 2020, 11.47 AM. (Removed sections on outbound exchange autumn 2020.) 

  • Outbound exchange students, spring 2020

    Outbound exchange students, spring 2020

    Updated 3 April 2020, 1.49 PM.

    The window for returning to Norway from many countries will close in the relatively near future.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges all Norwegian citizens who are travelling abroad to consider returning home as soon as possible, in a safe and calm manner, in consultation with their travel agency or airline.

    The Ministry points out once again that changes may occur rapidly. More and more countries are closing their borders and airspace and imposing states of emergency and other restrictions.  

    Those who are planning to return to Norway, please register at

    Contact information to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

    • Telephone (open 24/7): (+ 47) 23 95 23 95
    • E-mail:

    The cooperative effort between Norwegian authorities and the airlines is not an evacuation, nor is there talk of creating an air bridge to places where there are Norwegians who desire help returning to Norway.

    Outbound NHH exchange students from other nationalities are adviced to follow instructions from or return to their home country, as access to Norway is temporarily restricted.

    • Please let NHH know if you have questions or require assistance. 
      E-mail: INT.STUD@NHH.NO


    Sammen offers housing to returing exchange students.

    Read more on Sammen's web page

  • Study progression for those who must return home

    Study progression for those who must return home

    Most of our partner universities have already replaced regular teaching and exams with online learning and examinations; formats that allow students to continue their studies from home.

    NHH will communicate with the universities from which we receive returning students, to push for such arrangements. If this is still not provided, NHH will try hard to offer alternative arrangements.

    We know that many of you are in the last semester of your degree, and that you are concerned that this situation will cause delay and prevent you from graduating as planned. This is an unprecedented situation and you can rest assured that NHH, potential future employers and others will understand that this may lead to unexpected consequences.

    All outbound exchange students from NHH will be given the opportunity to enroll in courses at NHH this semester. This applies to courses that NHH finds it possible to offer in the spring semester, in spite of the late start. We nonetheless encourage exchange students who have returned home to complete the studies they had started at their host institutions through online activities that are offered.

  • Information for incoming students, spring 2020

    Information for incoming students, spring 2020

    Apart from keeping its students and staff safe, NHH's primary goal is to enable all students to complete the semester and take their exams, regardless of how the situation develops.

    All teaching and exams will thus be held digitally for the rest of the semester.

    Incoming students are advised to follow instructions and advice from the local authorities in their home countries as well as their home institutions.

    • Students who wish to return home, or are being called home are free to leave.
    • Students who wish to remain in Norway are also free to do so.

    We urge those who remain to keep themselves continuously updated on instructions and advice given by Norwegian authorities, and contact NHH if they have any questions or require assistance.

    E-mail: INT.STUD@NHH.NO

    If you choose to go home, please be aware that all questions regarding housing must go through the channels of SAMMEN.