Exchange in the autumn semester 2020

Exchange in the autumn semester 2020

NHH cancels both outbound and incoming semester long student mobility for the Autumn 2020 semester.

Published 5 May 2020, updated 29 May, 11.55 AM.

  • Exchange cancelled in the autumn 2020

    Exchange cancelled in the autumn 2020

    On 5 May, NHH suspended outbound exchange for all our master’s students in the autumn semester of 2020.

    The school has now decided to suspend and postpone incoming exchange in the autumn semester as well. This applies to both bachelor’s and master’s students.

    (Incoming and outgoing students in the double degree-programme are not affected.)

    There are several reasons for this conclusion, but the most important factor is the unclear and unpredictable situation internationally caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

    The decision is difficult given NHH’s strong commitment to internationalization and because it affects all students who had planned to go on exchange in the autumn semester 2020. With this decision, NHH aims to minimize the negative impact for the students and make the situation as predictable as possible, given the uncertain circumstances.

    We are fully aware that some incoming students might not have the option to postpone an exchange, and we understand that students will likely be disappointed. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the option of a virtual exchange semester at NHH.

    NHH want to assure all our partners and students that we will continue to commit to our student exchange partnerships and will work continuously to sustain and further develop our relationships. Our primary goal is to once again welcome exchange students on our campus in spring 2021, and to resume our outgoing exchanges.


    Published 5 May 2020, 3.05 PM

    NHH considered several factors before deciding to cancel outbound exchange.

    The most important factor is the health and well-being of our students. The Norwegian government has issued travel advice that strongly discourages travel abroad. This is the strongest possible form of travel advice, and currently there is no end date.

    How the pandemic will develop through 2020 and into 2021 is also highly uncertain.


    The following factors have also been important.

    • Several of NHH’s partner universities have already cancelled exchange in the autumn, and others will follow.
    • Many countries have stopped processing visa applications, for instance Australia and the USA.
    • In the southern hemisphere, the semester starts as early as July. As of now, it is not realistic for our students to be able travel that early.
    • Presently, international travel is complicated, due to reduction in air travel and closed borders.
    • The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs discourages all non-essential travel abroad for the time being. This also means that it will be very difficult to be repatriated or get consular assistance in case of an incident.
    • The decision to cancel also has an economic side, including potential travel costs, plans to sublet apartments or quitting part-time jobs while on exchange. Some exchange students must also pay tuition in advance and with limited possibilities for a refund.
    • It is also worth mentioning that new travel insurance contracts will not cover loss or damages connected to the pandemic.


    NHH has several categories of master’s students who were scheduled to go on exchange this autumn, and thus are affected by the situation.

    The different categories need different solutions. All affected students have been informed directly and have received information about different alternatives.

    These include deferring the exchange or other forms of international mobility in the spring semester 2021, and NHH will assist the students accordingly.

  • Internships Summer and autumn 2020

    Internships Summer and autumn 2020

    If you are a Norwegian citizen, you must adhere travel advice from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As long as the ministry’s travel advice is in force, it will be very difficult to obtain valid insurance, and one cannot expect to receive assistance from Norwegian authorities, if you have traveled abroad contrary to the travel advice.

    If you are going on an NHH-initiated internship abroad, which was supposed to start while the current travel advice is valid, you must try to postpone departure from Norway until the travel advice changes or request permission to begin the internship from home, and travel abroad when the Norwegian authorities change their advice. This applies if you are going on an internship in the Nordic countries before 15 June, in Europe before 20 July or the rest of the World before 20 august.

    If you, for example, have an internship in Denmark that starts 10 June, you must postpone your departure until you know whether the travel advice changes 15 June. If the advice changes, you may travel to Denmark and start your internship. If the current travel advice is prolonged, you cannot go. If is not possible to get an agreement with the employer about starting the internship from home, and you are prevented from changing the originally planned time period for the internship, you must cancel and withdraw from the internship.

    Nationals from countries other than Norway, must follow travel advice issued by the authorities in your home country. There may be different travel restrictions from country to country.

    Please be aware that students taking the Internship Abroad courses may experience that the companies and institutions where their internships are taking place may cancel the internship at short notice.

    In this case NHH will facilitate your continued participation in the Internship Abroad course, as far as possible. In order for you to be able to continue with the course you must fulfill the following requirements:

    • You must have completed at least four weeks of your internship abroad.
    • You must have completed the required course work.

    The course responsible will assess whether it is possible for you to continue on the course after the internship has been cancelled.

    Students taking independent internships abroad must also be prepared for the internship company having to cancel the internship at short notice. Remember to stay up to date on information from NHH at all times.

    Expenses connected to planned internships

    If possible, we recommend that you postpone expenses tied to your planned trip.

    Try to buy flexible airline tickets, have a cancellation insurance etc.

    Check whether it is possible to have expenses refunded if you are forced to cancel the stay.