Information about assessment and exams at NHH in the spring semester 2022.

Spring 2022

Updated Saturday 12 February 2022, 10.34 AM.

The Norwegian government removed the mandatory covid restrictions with effect from 10 AM Saturday 12 February. A few recommendations related to symptoms and testing still apply.

The information is not available in english as of Saturday 12 february. Read the Norwegian language press release.

NHH will update further on Monday 14 February.


Updated 02 February 2022 2.57 PM. (Sections on special examination arrangements).

In case of a large infection outbreak, school exams may be converted to home exams on short notice. Course responsibles have therefore been asked to consider whether a physical school exam is necessary in their course, and they also have a back-up plan for the exam in case school exams need to be converted to home exams.

The assessment form in each course can be found on the web page for each individual course.

  • Practical information about home exams

    Practical information about home exams

    Exams in most courses in the spring 2022 semester will be arranged as home exams.

    All exams are arranged in Norwegian time, and we do unfortunately not have the possibility to change the exam time for students in different time zones.

    Your exam must be uploaded in WISEflow before the submission deadline. Normally, your exam must be submitted as a single PDF-file. According to NHH Regulations, only exams submitted before the deadline can be accepted for grading. WISEflow will close after the submission deadline, and late submissions will not be accepted.

    It is important that you set aside enough time for the electronic submission of your exams. With the exception of exams where no document uploads are required, you will be given an additional administrative time for the submission process on home exams.

    We recommend at least 15 minutes for submitting your exam. This is the minimum time we recommend for you to have enough time to include pictures in your paper and upload attachments. You must also make sure that you are logged into WISEflow as, after some hours, you will be automatically logged out. Refresh your page before you submit your paper. On exams where no document uploads are required (in FLOWmulti), no additional time will be given for the submission process.

    If you are having problems with submitting your exam or converting your exam to a single PDF-file, you must send your exam by e-mail to exams@nhh.no (do not contact the course responsible). All exams submitted by e-mail before the submission deadline will be accepted for grading.

    It is very important that you make sure to use a stable internet connection when you submit your exam. You must also make sure you have a alternative way of connecting to the internet available if any problems should arise. A good alternative is to connect your computer to the internet by using the mobile network on your phone.

    Submitting your exam as a single PDF-file is standard for most exams. For some exams you may be permitted to submit attachments or additional material to your exam in other file formats. We advise you to practice converting files to PDF before your exam. We recommend Microsoft Print to PDF if you are writing your exam in Microsoft Word.

    If you plan to include pictures in your exam, it is very important you practice your picture taking and conversion to PDF before your exams.

    If you are experiencing any technical issues before the exam, you may contact helpdesk@nhh.no for IT-help.

  • Assessment scale

    Assessment scale

    The change from school exam to home exam in many courses has brought on questions about which assessment scale to use.

    On the one hand grades are important in many application processes (employment, internships, exchange, applications to other schools, etc.). They give incentives to understand the topic and is a way of certifying that understanding. On the other hand, an argument raised by many, including the Student Committee at NHH (SUN), is that pass/fail reduces students’ incentives for cheating on their home exams. As this is the second semester with exceptional measures, the school has a greater focus on grades this semester.

    The school has taken measures to reduces the possibilities of cheating on home exams. You should be aware that attempts to cheat, for instance by cooperating or communicating during a home exam, may lead to annulment of the exam and exclusion from attending courses for up to one year. The rules on exclusion also apply to aiding and abetting. You will be asked to sign a formal contract with the school where you declare that you are aware that cheating is not allowed and that you will not cheat on home exams. If you are caught cheating, this will be used against you.

    More information about cheating and its consequences 

    Furthermore, course responsibles have been asked to consider how they can prepare the exam in such a way that the students do not benefit from communicating with each other or others, to answer the exam questions. The school has set up internal seminars and support for how to design exams in such a way, without penalising students who prepare for the exam in the usual way and do not cheat.

    NHH’s regulations state that the two grading scales, A-F and pass/fail, cannot be combined in the same course (section 4-4). Hence, if one part is assessed with grades A-F (or pass/fail), the same grade scale must be used on the exam.

    MRR students will obtain letter grades (A-F) in all courses, regardless of the overall grading scheme of the course. Students in this program need A-F grades in all courses to fulfil the requirements for state authorized public accountant.

    Grading when retaking a course/an exam with new grading scale:

    [A-F → pass/fail] Students who have a passing letter grade and retake a pass/fail course:

    • If failing the new exam: Letter grade counts
    • If passing the new exam: “Pass” counts

    [pass/fail → A-F] Students who have a “pass” (from autumn 2020) and retake a course with A-F scale:

    • If failing the new exam: “Pass” counts
    • If passing the new exam: Letter grade counts

    Students in all courses where school examination is replaced by home examination will be given the opportunity to withdraw from the exam (without using an examination attempt) when NHH has published information about the grading scale, regardless of the previously announced deadline for withdrawal.

  • Acute needs for special arrangements

    Acute needs for special arrangements

    Applications must be submitted as soon as the need arises. The documentation must be of a recent date.

    We cannot guarantee processing of applications received later than five full business days before the examination date.

    Read more about special examination arrangements

    Applications are sent to exams@nhh.no

  • Special examination arrangements for seasonal conditions and allergies spring 2022

    Special examination arrangements for seasonal conditions and allergies spring 2022

    During the pandemic, getting in contact with your doctor or other medical personnel might be challenging. For that reason NHH will open for applications for special examination arrengements relating to seasonal conditions and allergies earlier than usual.

    • You can apply for examination arrengements relating to seasonal conditions and allergies from 01.04.2022.
    • The documentation must be dated 01.04.2022 or later.
    • We cannot guarantee that applications received less than five working days before the exam date can be processed in time for the exam.
    • Send your application to exams@nhh.no

    You must provide recent documentation, issued by a doctor or other expert (e.g. speech therapist, psychologist etc.). The documentation must describe which disadvantages your disability causes in the exam situation.

  • Self-certification for absence from exams spring 2022

    Self-certification for absence from exams spring 2022

    Absence from exam due to illness should be documented. 

    During the pandemic, getting in contact with your doctor or other medical personnel might be challenging. For that reason, we will accept self-certification as documentation for absence from exams. Self-certification or a medical documentation must be sent to exams@nhh.no within the next working day of the exam date.

    Your self-documentation must contain your name, student number,  the exam date and the course code, and a short statement on why you were unable to attend the exam.

    NHH's webpage about illness and examinations

    Students that cannot complete their exam due to illness must document absence due to medical reasons within one working day after the exam date. You do this by e-mailing documentation (medical certificate / specialist statement) on your illness and absence from the exam to exams@nhh.no. If you are unable to reach your doctor within this deadline, we need a written notice from you stating when we can expect to receive the documentation.

    Other rules apply if you are hospitalized. Please see the webpage linked to above for more information.