Autumn semester 2020 at NHH

Autumn semester 2020 at NHH

NHH will do its utmost to ensure that all students get high quality teaching and studies in the autumn semester of 2020, regardless of how the Covid-19 situation develops. NHH will follow current rules and advice on infection control.

Published 5 May 2020, 9.09 AM, updated 15 August, 12.15 PM. (sections on post-programme course registration scheme and schedules and examination dates.)

The current Covid-19 infection-control restrictions severely limit the capacity of auditoriums, classrooms and study halls at NHH.

Given this situation, NHH will combine traditional classroom teaching with online teaching in the fall semester.

Although we strongly encourage our students to return to the NHH campus and our classrooms, it will be possible to follow most courses online.

(Entry into Norway is currently restricted, and many international students may not be able to start their studies in Bergen in August as planned.
Read more on our page for incoming international full-degree students autumn 2020)

This is also a measure to accommodate students who are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19, as it allows them to study from home. Students themselves should consider whether they belong to this group and do not need to notify NHH to study online only.

There will not be mandatory activities in any courses that require you to be present on campus. If there is mandatory activity in a course, there will always be online options.

Please refer to NHH's website on Covid-19 for up-to-date information.

Schedules for lectures and exams

The final version of all course descriptions and schedules for lectures and exams were published 7 August.

Post-programme course registration scheme

NHH opens a post-programme course registration scheme (“poststudierett”) for students who finish their master's studies in the spring of 2020.

The corona pandemic has led to a sudden change in the labour market for recent graduates, and many companies have postponed recruitment and start-up for new employees. Although NHH graduates normally are highly sought after in the labour market, the situation is also challenging for them.

As part of NHH's contribution to improve the situation, we will offer students who complete the Master’s programmes in Economics and Business Administration and in Accounting this spring, a post-programme course registration scheme that can be used to take individual master’s courses at NHH. The scheme will be open for one semester at a time for up to one year, and is only available for the mentioned group.

This will, for instance, give students who have completed the Master’s programme in economics and business administration (MØA/MSc) the opportunity to take a one-year Master’s degree in accounting (MRR), or enable students to explore further subject areas to increase their competence.

However, note that it will not be possible to take courses with restricted access, nor will it be possible to retake a course the student already has passed.

Apply for Post-programme course registration scheme in the application web/søknadsweb from 1 August to 1 September.

The post-programme course registration scheme requires applicants to complete the MØA or MRR at NHH in the spring of 2020. If you are still waiting for censorship, we encourage you to wait until you have received this before applying.