Research Transparency and Reproducibility Workshop

The workshop will be led by Dr. Eva Vivalt (Australian National University) and targets 40-50 students, faculty, and researchers to train them on the challenges facing the credibility of social science research, as well as current known best practices for more transparent, reproducible research. The workshop will engage the audience with hands-on workflow-related activities and software.

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The Choice Lab
Program 18 August
09:00-09:30  Introductions and Pre-Event Survey
09:30-10:45  Overview of Research Transparency and Reproducibility

 Tea Break

11:00-12:30  Registration and Pre-Analysis Plans: Introduction, Hands-on with AEA registry


13:30-14:45  Coding Reproducibility: Lessons Learned
14:45-15:45  Data De-Identification and Sharing

 Tea Break

16:00-  Replication and Data Sharing Activity
Program 19 August
09:00-10:30  Dynamic Documents using Stata and R (parallel sessions)


10:45-12:30  OSF, Version Control with Git + Github I


13:15-14:45  Version Control with Git + Github II