Introducing ViMELF – the Corpus of Video-Mediated English as a Lingua Franca as a resource for multimodal and pragmatic intercultural research

Place: Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication (FSK). Room D203.

Abstract: Prof. Diemer and Ms Brunner (Trier University of Applied Sciences) present ViMELF, a corpus of 20 English as a Lingua Franca Skype conversations, as a research resource. They will briefly illustrate the research potential of the corpus with the help of examples from their own research, focusing on multimodality (e.g. gesture and laughter) and pragmatic strategies to overcome intercultural issues with a view to working in intercultural teams and international business contexts.

Registration: Participation and lunch is free of charge but we request that you register by Tuesday 19 March if you wish to attend. Link to registration: