Bergen FinTech Conference

FinTech has rapidly assumed center stage in the financial industry. The impact of informational technology is expected to radically restructure how finance is practiced. The purpose of this conference for researchers interested in FinTech to meet and share their research.


Topics may include, but are not restricted to:
- Big data and machine learning
- Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other distributed ledger technologies
- Textual analysis and other forms of soft data
- Crowd finance
- Other Fintech topics, such as KYC or payment systems.


Associate Professor Carsten Bienz - Norwegian School of Economics NHH

Assistant Professor Nataliya Gerasimova - Norwegian School of Economics NHH

Associate Professor Walt Pohl - University of Groningen

Assistant Professor Max Rohrer - Norwegian School of Economics NHH

Administrative Coordinator:

Higher Executive Officer Anna Kornienko - Norwegian School of Economics NHH


Submission deadline: Friday 20 September

Registration opens: Tuesday 1 October 

Last year’s program (PDF 299KB)

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