FinTech Conference

FinTech has rapidly assumed center stage in the financial industry.  The impact of informational technology is expected to radically restructure how finance is practiced.  The purpose of this conference for researchers interested in FinTech to meet and share their research.

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Registration deadline Friday 1 June

Programme committee
Associate Professor Carsten Bienz
Norwegian School of Economics NHH
Assistant Professor Nataliya Gerasimova
Norwegian School of Economics NHH
Associate Professor Walter Pohl
Norwegian School of Economics NHH
Administrative Coordinator
Higher Executive Officer Charlotte Haeffelé                 

Supported by the Norwegian Finance Initiative

Conference programme
08:00-08:30  Registration & Coffee
08:30-09:00  Welcome & Introductions

Session I: Crowdfunding


Ali Mohammadi (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

How Wise Are Crowd? A Comparative Study of Crowd and Institutions in Peer-to-Business Online Lending Markets


Vladimir I. Ivanov (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC))

Soft and hard information and signal extraction in securities crowdfunding
10:30-11:00  Coffee Break

Session II: Bitcoin


Gloria Yu (INSEAD)

A Revisit to Capital Controls Policies When Bitcoin Is in Town


Julia Reynolds (Università della Svizzera italiana)

Deviations from Triangular Arbitrage Parity in Foreign Exchange and Bitcoin Markets

12:30-13:30  Lunch Break

Session III: Theoretical Advances in FinTech


Lin William Cong (Uni. of Chicago Booth School of Business)

Up-Cascaded Wisdom of the Crowd


Fahad Saleh (NYU Stern School of Business)

Blockchain Without Waste: Proof-of-Stake

15:00-15:30  Coffee Break

Session IV: Machine Learning


Sakya Sarkar (Indiana University, Bloomington)

Bond Rating Downgrade Risk and Equity Returns