Employment, health, and household decision-making in a growing manufacturing industry: Experimental evidence from Ethiopia

Sandra Halvorsen's webpage at NHH

Abstract: The rapid growth of the textile- and garment factory in many developing countries and with it increasing female workforce participation have raised questions on whether this industrialisation is offering opportunities or plainly exploitation of the poor. In this paper we explore the impacts of employment in the textile- and garment factories on young married women’s household decision-making, health outcomes, fertility choices, and on their children’s health. We randomized 1 700 entry-level applicants to receive an industrial job offer or to a control group. We followed the sample over a year. [Study not complete]. The impact of the manufacturing industry on the workers’ livelihood and health are highly relevant for policymakers’ industrial, foreign direct investments, and exporting policies, as well as humanitarian concerns and reaching the millennium development goals.