France after the elections

Anje Müller Gjesdal (Intercultural Communication) and Malin Arve (Management Science) will share insights about French’s elections. Our two experts on France published together an article in Bergen Tidende before the 1st round of the presidential elections, where they accurately predicted an earthquake in French politics. With the results of the presidential and parliamentary elections, they now turn their attention to what this means for the future.

Anje Müller Gjesdal holds a PhD in French linguistics from the University of Bergen. She teaches French language as well as Introduction to French society and economics at NHH.

Malin Arve holds a PhD in Economics from the Toulouse School of Economics. She studied and lived in France for over a decade. Malin Arve was recently awarded the Ingvar Wedervang prize for outstanding research by a faculty member below 40 years of age.