Nocet Fall Conference 2017


The Norwegian Center for Taxation (NoCeT) at NHH invites NoCeT research fellows to the NoCeT Fall Conference 2017 in order to celebrate the center’s success in its first funding period as well as the prolonging of the funding period by the Research Council of Norway.

The aim is to foster academic debate and exchange, as well as to intensify cooperation within the international NoCeT network. Besides presentations by NoCeT members and external affiliates, members of NoCeT’s Scientific Advisory Council will present their recent research and Robin Boadway from Queens University (Kingston) will give a keynote lecture.


In order to stimulate research and education in public finance, and particularly in the area of taxation, the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and the Research Council of Norway decided to fund two research centers for a period of five years. In September 2012, Oslo Fiscal Studies (OFS) at the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Center for Taxation (NoCeT) at NHH opened. NoCeT is hosted by NHH and the SNF Centre for Applied Research at NHH. A third partner is the Norwegian Tax Administration.

Following a very positive evaluation by a board of distinguished international researchers in December 2016, the Research Council of Norway decided to grant another five years of funding from October 2017 to September 2022.

In its first funding period, NoCeT managed to form a research group whose members established themselves as internationally leading experts on issues such as capital taxation, corporate income shifting, and law and economics. Research results generated at NoCeT are published, conditionally accepted, or under revision in leading journals such as EconometricaThe Accounting ReviewEconomic Journal, and the Journal of Public Economics. In addition, NoCeT formed an international network of external research affiliates that cooperates closely with NoCeT’s permanent staff.


NoCeT network affiliates are invited to submit papers. In order to submit and participate in the conference, set up an user account at Then, log on to the conference NoCeT-FC-2017 or use the link below to

Submit a paper

Only online submissions will be accepted. Strict preference is given to submissions from NoCeT network affiliates.

Submission deadline for papers is Tuesday, 1st of August 2017. Participants will be notified by Saturday, 12th of August, whether their submission has been accepted for the conference.

The conference will be held over two full days and end with a conference dinner on 3rd of October at night. Accepted participants will be provided with accommodation for 1st to 4th of October and reimbursed for their travel costs (economy fare).